Through its investments Aventura directly addresses one of the root causes of poverty in rural Africa -- lack of a value chain for small growers.

This (tractor service) is of great interest, because agricultural machinery is lacking in our area and every year there are people who are behind during the season because of the lack of machines.
— Mayor of the municipality of Gaé, Senegal
Every year we have this problem of disk plowing and ridging due to inadequacy — even non-existence of tractors in our area.
— Abdou Sarr, Secretary General of Bokhol Village Section
The first year of LSDS’s activities, I was the only on e in my village to supply my goods to the plant. The second year, all my neighbors came to ask me how they can work with LSDS, because they had seen my gains by supplying my mango to LSDS. Now, all the mango producers in our village sell their goods to LSDS — it is three times more profitable than selling to other buyers. We are very proud of LSDS. We know that it is based here to help us and increase our income. So we pray for its future sustainability.
— Mr. Coulibaly
The year before the factory was built, I had a good yield from my 11 mango trees. The bana-bana (local trader) came to my field and offered me FCFA 10,000 ($20) for my entire harvest! I was disgusted. He knew I had no other alternative, so he took advantage of that.

This year, with our new factory, I am earning five times more.
— Madame Sané, President of the women's section of COPEX grower cooperative.
When I hear about what you (Aventura) are doing, I can see how there can be an end to poverty in Africa
— African MBA student, Harvard Business School
Africa ... has not begun to tap the strength of its land and farmers. Computers cannot feed people. The internet is of no use. Food needs to grow out of soil. We have a huge amount of land which is arable. Land cultivated in Africa is producing at maybe 20% of the efficiency of Australia or the United States.
— Dr Mohammed Mo Ibrahim, Founder of Mo Ibrahim Foundation